Educational Winter Farm

The Pass of Wonders

AgriturBroch is the perfect place where to experience rural mountain life. You can take the cows to pasture, watch our staff milk them, enjoy the ancestral pleasure of a glass of freshly drawn milk, breathe in the smell of grass and hay, learn about the forage cycle, and observe the life of children’s favourite animals.


Your children will get to see bunnies, lambs, geese, and chickens of different species, like the Padovana, Livornese, Brahma, Cocincina, Moroseta, and the laying hens. They’ll all be in awe as soon as they meet Nelly the cow with her adorable calf. Our horses, Rosemary, Virginia, and Dorotea, and the donkeys Maia and Cenerentola, will take them on a journey through a world of sounds and colours they’ll remember


Our Giulia will make your children discover the fantastic world of horses, showing how to communicate
with them. Of course, there’s plenty to do on a farm. Kids will get to watch cattle and sheep grazing, our
staff milk a cow, taste the freshly drawn milk, prepare butter, and watch how Tosela (local cheese) is made. They’ll also learn what life in the Alps looks like, what a Malga is, the plants and animals in the woods, and the forage cycle. And, if they’re lucky enough, they can also watch over the birth of chicks. If mother hen agrees, obviously!

discover the farm

When fairy tales become true

Our animals

Rabbits, geese, chickens, cows, calves, sheep, lambs, horses, and donkeys.

The classroom

Here, kids can learn everything about our animals’ life and the forage cycle.

Our horses

Rosemary, Virginia and Dorotea can’t wait to share their time with your children, who will literally fall in love with them.

Horse-riding activities

We’ll introduce the fantastic world of horses to your children, who will learn the fundamentals of communicating with them respectfully before getting to ride them.


Watching our staff milk the cows and then tasting a glass of freshly drawn milk is a real treat.

Making butter

Learning how to make butter from our cows’ milk and enjoying the delicacies we make with it is an experience to remember.

The modern educational farm project

This modern and functional educational farm is fully made of wood, optimising the resources in line with sustainable construction principles. The load-bearing structure and the synergy between functions enhance the value of this project, where agriculture and education meet, representing all the value of local husbandry. In winter, all our animals move inside the structure, and the windows allow them to watch outside.

Experience the mountains: an afternoon in the stable with us

An afternoon to experience the activities of a farmer in the mountains and get to know our animals more closely. The activities are aimed at adults and children (from 3 years old), you can: feed the animals, give the lambs a bottle, learn to milk, prepare "the bed" for the cows by changing the hay and savoring the our products. It will also be possible to book a tasty snack before the activity and a typical dinner in the Agritur

Are you a school? Are you a group?

We’re happy to have you at our farm. We can organise picnics and guided tours. We can also arrange excursions and birthday parties. Call us for further information.

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